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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Twelve Years Ago Today

12 years ago today I graduated from college, went out to lunch with my family and then they departerd. An hour or so late I climbed into the back-seat of my friend Dan's Cheve Corsica and settled in for the short drive down to Asheville in the company of a beautiful young thing who I wowed with my mastery of 80's music lyrics. We ended up at the JCC contra dance in Asheville with a sizeable Boone contingent and had a blast dancing through the night. Post dance we grabbed a beer at Barleys before heading down to a friend's lake house in Brevard. The rest is history. Amy and I met and life has never been the same. Two beautiful reminders of our love rule most of our lives these days and neither one of us would have it any other way.


Bones said...

Was that at Liz's lake house?!? God, was I there??? Congratulations you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zircon said...

Thanks Tim. Indeed it was Liz's lake house. I don't think you made it to that one but I'm pretty sure you were there for another gathering, maybe post Dan Norris wedding???