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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well this has certainly been neglected for quite some time. It's not as if there hasn't been anything going on. Perhaps it was just time for some balance. But now I think it's time to get back to this. I'm coming out of a fog. This winter has been a cloud of pressure. National Boards was although an alltogether positive experience still like lugging an imaginary elephant about in my day to day life. There was the physical presence of my old green messenger bag toting two binders worth of information I rarely ever looked at but felt naked without ready access to them both. This winter any other year would have been something I couldn't have dreamt up in my wildest imagination. I still tried to take advantage when I could but felt hindered. Not that I really did alot early on except worry about if it would all get done. I still got quite a bit of use out of my skins and skis in the old Christmas tree farm/ development just up the ridge from the house. Although short, the outings were always sweet and got me out even on some of the coldest days with my faithful companion Palmer who loved to try and bite the heels of my boots as he charged down the fall line to cut off my arcing turns. What an epic winter. I definitely got some great days in with new friends and old. Winter culminated with a trip out to Utah with Ryan, his friend Jimmy, and my old neighbor Paul from Idaho. We stayed at my cousin's condo in Solitude and skied four days at three different resorts. Needless to say, the free heel affliction has become a chronic condition. I'm hooked for sure. It was great getting to see Mom and Grandma on our last evening there.

Now it feels like summer already and with the sun I am awakening. Life has charged forward in most excellent ways. Swimming lessons are under way and should finish next week. T-ball began this past week and Carter is psyched. He also rode his bike without training wheels on Friday of course we have no pictures of this momentous event or his subsequent Greenway ride yesterday. We did get out for a Price Lake jaunt Gracen's first real hike all by herself. I hope this is a sign of what's in store for us this summer. Yes we are already training for our Western adventure. This time we will have a trailer in tow for some extended camping. We are all so excited we just can't stand it.

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