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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Friday was the end of the grading period and a gracious school family had offered up a free team building opportunity for our staff. Not everyone was interested but the few that were came along and we had a blast. The McCoury's own and run Scream Time Zip-Line and they showed us one heck of a great time. Their staff was courteous and professional which of course allowed us to act like the middle school students we teach. But seriously the whole experience was great. We started on the more standard tour which included riding six separate zip lines back and forth across a deep grassy ravine. The next to the last zip brought you through trees before finally zipping down to the barn. We were shuttled to the top of the mountain in the signature Swiss Assault vehicles that the family bought just for the purpose. It was a pretty wild experience, but like a great story the final chapter of our adventure really made the day. We were driven back to the top of the mountain where we took a short zip over to the whole reason to be there, THE SUPER ZIP!!! 800 feet top to bottom and the ride lasted almost an entire minute of flying through the air suspended beneath our double axled pulleys singing out our speed over the cables. Now that's what I call a work day :-)

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Kev2380 said...

Cool vid. Future banff film camera man?