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Friday, July 18, 2008

"Gorge"ous Day Out

Jasyn and I got out to the ampitheater for a couple of the tried and true stellar routes. The Daddy and the Prow. Due to a lazy morning start and having to be back for Carter's last swim lesson we had to cut it short of the tripple crown, though we looked long and hard at either the Mummy or the 5.7 Sister Seagle to the left. The Daddy was in the shade until the top but we did bake a little on the Prow. We had the whole place to ourselves for the entire time passing a party fo three on our way out just past four o'clock. Here are some of the highlight shots.

Jasyn starting out and on the first pitch after the scramble on the Daddy.

The Ledge before the top of the Daddy.

Looking over to the prow and Jasyn on the first pitch of the prow.


Kev2380 said...

Nice post, I'm supposed to go to pilot mtn this weekend with Bill.

Bones said...

Nice day for sure! Were there other people on the route that you could share those shorts with, or, was it just Jasyn who got to experience those sexy runner's legs:)

Bonn said...

Nice photos. I'm listening to WNCW right now and looking at photos of you and Jasyn in the Linville Gorge. So true--lovin' where you live.