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Friday, January 4, 2008

Big Lost Cove

Despite serious doubts about whether we would get a shot at this before it closed for Peregrine Falcons, Jasyn and I managed to get out Thursday and get on a well formed White Fang. Although it was leadable we elected to keep it simple with the old tried and true top rope. Besides Lynn Willis was not around for professional style photography and we all know Klamborowski won't pony up for anything less. Besides who wants to hump in all the extra gear. It was chilly but not uncomfortably so. Conditions should be cherry for Saturday when we hope to return with Jeff Kahn One for a more balmy and leisurely experience.


Nicole S said...

Did you have to pay Klamborowski for his role in those pics?? He is a professional ice model after all!

zircon said...

No, I intentionally stayed away from the close up face shots. I hear those are particularly pricy by Klambo standards (translation out of the pbr range). I guess I could be getting contacted by the Klamborowski solicitor on these though. Perhaps they should be pulled.

Anonymous said...

Great shots of the ice at BLC...however... the ice was much fatter 48hrs later. I believe you owe it to all your loyal blog fans to post some of those pics showing your ice acrobatics.

Jeff K

Paul said...

Ah, B.L.C. Brings back some memories. The ol' white koflachs that you loaned me for that foray back in the late 90's.