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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Powered by CAKE

OK true confession time here. The real reason I have taken on these ridiculous running challenges is that it gives me an excuse to stuff my face with as many sweet things as I can find. Normally that has meant intentional denial of the self by simply not buying anything sweet ( if you really believe this I've got some ocean front property for sale). For those of you reading this that don't know I work in a school. In the top drawer of my filing cabinet is "THE STASH". For the past four years I have worked directly across the hall from a diabetic teacher. First it was Steve and now it's been Dave since last year. They have provided a rather convenient excuse to keep sugary items in this top drawer as an "EMERGENCY" supply of blood sugar spiking goodness. With Steve who rarely touched the stash I had to seek further justification. For a while I was the middle school hall's chocolate fix. For a while there I was even getting high quality regular contributions to keep the drawer stocked. We're talking HIGH QUALITY expensive dark chocolate goodies here. Now with Dave on the other hand who regularly comes calling there's been an increase in the variety of offerings including even some healthy fruit bars.

But I digress. We are currently in that magical HOLIDAY time of year. The flow of sweet treats through the staff mail room is ceaseless and of very excellent variety. Resting now for the temptation of all (particularly me) is the remnant of the cake from yesterday's faculty/holiday party meeting. What this time of year means for me is a time of hoarding any of the food gifts given by my students into the stash like a squirrel stocking up for the apocalypse while at the same time packing into my orafice any and all manner of sweet, savory, or salty snackage that appears on the mail room table. It's kind of like a bear packing on the calories for a deep winter sleep. Anything that will not last in the stash for at least a month is of course brought home to share. However, as Amy is also at a school she also brings home countless delights.

Which brings me back to the topic of cake. I can think of no other baked good that can bring the sheer volume of gastro-intestinal-emotional interactive joy than cake. Occurring in such a preposterous variety of forms I am convinced that there exists a cake for everyone. Frosting or no, dense or light, singularly flavored or a Potpourri of melding spices, how can you not love cake? I will not get into the hierarchies of cake divisions here but ponder if you will another more perfect blend of sugar delivery system. I myself cannot.


Dave said...

Nice work,
Keep the stash loaded.
I'd say more but I've got to go stuff my cake hole.

Steve Ahn said...

Man this is blog is like a great cake - well proportioned, full bodied, wait - its sounding like a great beer...I guess the next blog needs to be about the joys of beer. I am so grateful that there is now an official recording system for all the Russ-isms... that alone is a perfect reason to keep up with this one. Well Done! I was especially fond of the race criteria... people will think its just for laughs, but I saw total, complete honesty there!

Lets go for a run...bring know, for the "blood sugar"