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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Heel Fever

I've gone and done it. Against my better judgement I have acquired a new passionate hobby. I'm blaming a whole host of people on this one. I'm not going down alone here. I've been surrounded by these crazy tele people for a while now and I guess they've finally whittled down the resistance. I'm convinced it's some sinister plot. Whatever the circumstances I am now the proud owner of a complete telemark ski set-up. Skis, bindings, boots, and poles (and some ascension climbing skins). There's even a helmet to keep me from completely destroying myself. I thought for sure that my gear acquisition would certainly have doomed us to a quick, warm, and snowless spring. However, apparently someone had other plans as we got the biggest dump of snow in the past ten years Sunday. We got over ten inches at the house and I was actually worried that I might not make it to the resort to take advantage. Thank goodness for the best all-wheel-drive vehicle in the world. The sube was a champ and got me down the back way to meet Todd Nolt, Lynn Willis, Corie Klamborowski, Nick (Todd's cousin-in-law), Shack and Ahn at the old caboose site on 105 to carpool up to Sugar Mtn. We ended up meeting up with Rich and Heidi Campbell, Mike and Susan Trew, Burton Mumaw, and two other guys who just all happened to be skiing tele. It was an incredible day of conditions and company on the mountain to enjoy breaking in new skis and equipment and beginning to find the groove of the free heel turn. In short I'm hooked. It will probably be the last day of the season but I'll hang onto this good vibe well into next winter.